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MRU / MRF Director, Carl Schleicher, Ph.D.:
STEALTH was his Name and Mission



"He was a real Dr. Strangelove..." ~MRU Deputy Director, Charles Stone


Schleicher’s own name, as he liked to point out, means “stealth”. The German translation in odge.info dictionary is “Sneaker”, related to “creep, skulk, and slink.” Was he a neural ninja who crept stealtily into the collective psyche or an "indicator species" of the shape of things to come -- the borgification of humanity --cyborg nation, the Android Meme ?

In the New Media electronic info-culture we've all become cyborgs with machine-extended senses. The Chemical Body is what we consider our “physical body.” The dominant model for this is the product of Western science since the telegraph. The Astral Body (the Energy Body) is what pervades all cultures—the belief there is more to our makeup than the Chemical Body. It is a huge storehouse of religious and spiritual energy. The third organ is the TV Body—the repository of historical one-way broadcasting. The fourth is the Chip Body—the mutating warehouse of digital omni-directional media. The fifth is the Mystery Body (Field Body)—what we’re still excavating and whose lineaments we cannot fully assess yet, if ever. We know it’s made up of the previous four bodies but we don’t know what more we will discover about its constituents, affects, and effects. The Android Meme is the resultant of the interplay, violent and ecstatic, of the first four bodies.

 Over the years, I've been fortunate to interview and work with many of the former associates of Dr. Carl Schleicher's thinktank and foundation:

Rumours about this notorious organization run rife, but we are here to set the record as straight as it can be from the insiders' points of view. All agree that Dr. Schleicher was a weirdly eccentric but basically well-meaning individual who sought to help humanity with innovative programs, theories, discoveries, treatments, and products.  Many accusations have been made about him in print, but not all can be proven beyond reasonable doubt. What is known by his most familiar colleagues is included here, so you can make up your own mind. Grey areas remain in his biography, proving this man was neither entirely black nor white. He was, indeed, a shadowy individual, but his contribution was tremendous and his wide-ranging reach may never be fully revealed nor well-understood.  What is clear is, based on all he knew about the world for good or ill, MRU and MRF were the culmination of whatever vision he enjoyed.

MRU: A thinktank and research organization that aims: "to combine the efforts of leading researchers and experimenters in the multi-disciplinary and interacting fields of human development and humanistic psychology which include research involving the body, mind and those forces and phenomena acting upon the health, education and welfare of mankind. Areas of study include biocommunication, biocybernetics, biophysics, psycho-physiology, educational development, cancer research and mind-body developments."

Perhaps the biggest accusation leveled at Dr. Schleicher is that he was the "Father of the Cyborg", the original Manchurian Candidate, developed under the direction of infamous Sidney Gottleib for MK Ultra, probably the most notorious blackops program ever developed.  When this project was outed and investigated by Congress, most of the original documents were destroyed or disappeared so we may never know the true history and extent of this heinous program, which has even deeper historical roots. Several universities and disconnected researchers were involved as fronts for the program.

Schleicher certainly had extensive knowledge of and interest in all the mind control techniques, technology and protocols we now know were employed. The backgrounds of known colleagues demonstrate this now. We know he included similar lines of investigation in his MRU prospectus and developmental repertoire. Yet, time and again, when confronted with the accusations he flatly denied it and was preparing to sue over allegations at the time of his death from a highly dubious source.

Even Schleicher's confidantes disagree among themselves over the extent of his possible involvement with this project and certain government agencies and which agencies. SRI has admitted CIA links publically, but Schleicher absolutely denied it. Everyone agrees Carl had done clandestine operations for the military during his active service. This ambiguity follows the man throughout his life and unconventional career. Still, if we look at the current career-tracks of his contemporaries, there is little reason to presume he was much different.

Many of Carl's colleagues, their secret projects now declassified, are edge-celebs in the 'weird science' category. They draw large crowds on the speaking circuit, talking new physics, conspiracy, remote viewing and a host of other subjects on which they offer workshops and even schools. 

If he were alive today, the same would likely be true for Dr. Schleicher. In fact, the basic structure of MRF, is an original sort of alternative university/clinic offering superlearning, self-regulation techniques, and a variety of complementary rehabilitation and therapeutic treatments.

Perhaps his greatest failure was not succeeding in generating a meaningful cash flow from his endeavors during his lifetime. Big commercial success eluded him, though MRF had begun incorporating franchises in other states, such as California and Texas. Others, such as the Lozonov schools of Accelerated Learning, went on to employ these techniques and actualize his vision successfully.

But in his case and that of MRF, this "California-style" self-development center or mind spa he envisioned always had a "dark edge" that can never really be ignored nor dismissed. At it's heart, it was undeniably shadowy as mankind's deepest subconscious. It must have been an ethical struggle, a battle of mind and heart, reconciling a background in coercive psychophysical tactics with a futuristic humanitarian optimism - the essentially destructive with the constructive.

But what is known or revealed can now be told of this long cold war.  It will still be up to you to connect the dots and decide what it all means. Is there any direct connection between MKU->MRU->MRF?

It is necessarily only a relative truth value we can assign to any portion of the story. Marshall McLuhan points out this is nearly always the case: "The old journalism had aimed at the objectivity by 'giving both sides at once.' The new journalism seeks, rather, to immerse the reader in the total situation, using the resources of imaginative fiction to provide a multileveled experience.  The new journalism is quite prepared to urge that 'news' is necessarily a form of fiction or making."


Carl Schleicher revealed he went to the Naval Academy, worked overseas in operations research, and spoke six languages, then went into war games, publishing in The Journal of Electronic Warfare. An interest in dowsing got him into the paranormal - but not dowsing for water – dowsing for Vietcong in tunnels in Khe Sanh for the Marines. This led to a meeting with Ostrander and Schroeder, authors of Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain, and the game was afoot. He accepted their unfiltered pile of Soviet research and paid $5000 for translations.

One article in The Post described Schleicher’s gruff military personality and named names of photos of “true believers” on the wall. They included anti-gravity investigators, healers, chemists, psychics, dowsers, and neuroanatomists. They developed a low-frequency electronic device that “interferes with insects’ antennae.” But, in typical Schleicher fashion, he tersely declined explanation with a pat answer, “I can say no more."

He did say, “I consider myself an optimistic skeptic. Just because there’s no supporting data doesn’t mean it’s bad – why, there was no supporting data for alternating current. I’ve patiently listened to and been tolerant of everything anybody’s said. If I weren’t, I might close out some golden gem.”

He considered the term “occult” an unprofessional, unscientific “put-down word” that turns off highly qualified people. He admits his own “paranoid” psychics accused him of “feeding information to the CIA” and that “consultants have ‘dark forces’ surrounding them.” But he always denied the CIA connection.

Carl, himself, claimed he supervised cryptography for ONI in Turkey during his military duty, which is likely true in any event. He joined the AFIO (Assn. of Former Intelligence Officers). Unfortunately, those closest to him are least likely to know the real story for national security reasons, though his brother worked for another intelligence agency. Former associates of MRU confirm that Carl worked for NSA through his Navy position.

Dr. Carl Schleicher, MRU Research and Development Director was a specialist in biocybernetics research, experienced in the analysis and evaluation of foreign scientific developments. After graduating from the U. S. Naval Academy (B.S. Electrical Engineering) in 1956, he served as a Naval line officer specializing in operations research and linguistics until 1966. He received his M.A. in political Economics from the University of Cologne, West Germany, where he was engaged in advanced study at the Universities of Bonn, West Germany and Lund, Sweden. He was a Ph.D. candidate in the Technology of Management at American University.

Before joining the staff of SCI, he was an Operations Research Analyst and R&D Engineer at the Marine Corps Development Center in Quantico, Virginia. His later work included design and development of a management system for assessing R&D projects to determine priorities, and in bionics, biocommunications, and cybernetic software systems. Schleicher had considerable management experience in both the military and industry, and also served as a management sciences consultant.

Elsewhere, Carl admits to a background in mind control and blue-sky studies for Naval Intelligence. His military service dates do place him in the proper timeline, but did he really have time for building the perfect assassin?

Kenneth Thomas characterizes Schleicher as “black”, meaning “plugged in to clandestine services…nearly all the famous names were just to provide legal and other "legitimacy" for work done entirely by others.” He says MRF was associated with Rockefeller Foundation and NSA, producing several books for them.

Shrouded in mystery to the very end, friends and family characterize Schleicher’s death as “untimely and highly suspicious”, despite his transplant. Carl believed for years that certain domestic agents had targeted him for unknown personal reasons dating back to the mid-60s and his NSA days. No cause of death was forthcoming, so the truth may never be known. Perhaps MRF corporate attorney, Charles Norberg could say.

Perhaps one of Schleicher’s greatest contributions came in the field of superlearning. Volume. 25, Journal of Accelerating Learning & Teaching (Kelly & Morrissey, 2000)) eulogizes his pivotal role in accelerated learning, popularizing the research of Dr. Georgi Lozanov of Bulgaria. Even in this arena, Carl remained controversial for his control and anger issues. He threatened to sue anyone employing his franchised technique, purchased in 1975.

Penny Kelly and Brian Morrissey characterize Carl as a military establishment player with early spy experience in Europe, which led to his discovery of Lozanov. Carl wanted to commercialize everything he came up with but you cannot copyright a method. From 1976-1988, he opened schools for stress-free learning of language, memory, creativity. The musical whole brain approach to learning, retention and motivation used hypnotic techniques, not foreign to Schleicher.

Psychologist Stanley Krippner described European classes:: I have observed the suggestopedia classes in Bulgaria and Hungary. Classes had a relaxed comfortable learning environment. Rather than individual learning, it was group learning. It included preliminary exercises, new material, and a review of what was learned. The first stage used 2/3 of the time. Then suggestions were given by the teacher to promote learning. The presentation phase took one third of the time. The method encourages students to make mental images of the material. In foreign language classes, people take on new roles.”

But his greatest contribution is probably in alternative cancer treatments such as blood irradiation and nostrums like the Revici cure and the Native American recipe, Essiac, made from four dried herbs. MRF obtained rights from Resperin in 1991. The Canadian Trademark "Essiac" is still held by Mankind of Maryland, USA. (Flor*Essence).

No stranger to pain, he was on dialysis in the early 90s before his kidney transplant. Shortly before his death by heart attack on Thanksgiving eve 1999, he was in Brazil setting up more sites in his string of clinics for ultra violet radiation. Carl had staying power in his arena, dealing with flakes, visionaries, governments, industry experts, and scientists alike. Despite his commercial goals, many say he did leave the planet a good man, working for the benefit of all. If so, his humanitarian mission was fulfilled.



TIME MAGAZINE, Dec 17, 1973, "Kohoutek: Comet of the Century":


Others of a mystical bent feel less threatened by the comet, particularly because of its coincidence with Christmas. "I do not mean to suggest that another Christ will be born," wrote James Grayson Bolen, editor and publisher of the magazine Psychic, "but rather that an inner birth of Christ-like consciousness might occur." Imprisoned Acid Guru Timothy Leary, who was recently the beneficiary of a fund-raising "Comethon" in Santa Cruz, Calif., shares this optimism: "The Comet Starseed [Kohoutek] comes at the right time to return light to the planet earth." Adds Carl Schleicher, whose Washington-based Mankind Research Unlimited Inc. exploits mind control and other fringe sciences: "A majority of our 'sensitives' have good vibrations about Kohoutek. The portents are good."



Carl Schleicher, PhD
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If he wasn't their real model, Schleicher would have made a good one, 30 years later, for the X-Files infamous Cigarette Man. Notice the curious resemblance?