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Like A Rolling Stone - Charles W. Stone

MRF Deputy Director (1987-92),
Charles Stone, M.A., Microbiologist

10/2007 Join Charles Stone and Iona Miller
on Adam Gorightly's radio show,
Untamed Dimensions, archived at

From Tavistock to MK Ultra

MK Ultra --- The Ultimate Horror of the Twentieth Century and Beyond!!
A. Introduction ---MK ULTRA has deep historical taproots with origins in London following WW I at Tavistock Institute and Clinic. Originally, it was well intentioned to find ways of preventing the mental horrors of WW I due to stress. This involved a high ranking Royal and Sigmund Freud himself, and Tavistock later commisioned The Tavistock Lectures by Carl Jung on the nature of the deep subconscious mind.
Over the years the emphasis changed until there was a sinister slant to the research by the mid-1930's. There are rumors of an earlier version of Tavistock which trained Lenin and later after WWI, Adolph Hitler. By the WW II era Tavistock was a real MI 6 Agency and its stress-related techniques were well advanced. In fact, its recommendations for excessive use of force were even used tragically by Winston Churchill in the fire bombing of Dresden and Hamburg.
When the misguided Deputy Fuhrer, Rudolph Hess (1894-1987), flew to England trying to meet another Royal. He was a priviledged third in command, after Goring. Once he was captured his mind was taken apart by Tavistock. He, of course, survived for many years as the sole joint Allied Prisoner held in Spandau, Berlin. In the 1980's he was reportedly murdered by British Intelligence. There is some question about who this person really was. The modern day version of the man in the mask in the Tower of London!
B. Post WW II The seed for MK Ultra was transferred to the USA and carried out in a number of secret programs by the CIA. These programs included much more than mind control. As this is the most tightly held part of the advanced technology also partly developed by Nazis Germany with a transfer to the USA. Some of these hideous programs were carried out in other countries, for example, the infamous Dr. Cameron in Montreal.
The standard story of MK Ultra can be found on the Internet. The use of LSD and the Flower Children revolution with the story of Timothy O"Leary et al. The spread of drugs throughout suburbia and the ghetto was aimed at generational debilitation and undermining and discrediting the anti-war movement.
The little known story of the Unibomber, Ted Kaczynski and his probable mental problems resulted from LSD exposure as a young 16 year old "boy genius" at Harvard by an infamous LSD advocate.The biological warfare part of MK Ultra is equally serious following the development of artificial mycoplasma during WW II by the US Military under the guidance of George Merck. There are at least 92 known mycoplasma species. the most common, m.fermentans, has the exact gene sequence for part of the Brucella bacteria.
At least part of the increase in a number of neurogenic illnesses worldwide can be attributed to the mycoplasma. Several types of mycoplasma make brain inclusions indistinguishable from Alzheimer's Disease prions. It is believed that Alzheimer, Mad Cow Disease and Jakob Creutzfeld Syndrome are essentially the same disease process. It is interesting to consider the story of the 1976 Nobel Laureate in Medicine and his role with Kuru Kuru, the famous Brain wasting disease reportedly found in New Guinea after WW II.
This was possibly related to the presence of a Unit 731 like group which used sheep sera to inoculate natives. After his return from a Mad Cow Disease conference in the UK he was arrested by armed FBI Agents as he arrived at his Frederick, MD area home. The excuse was accusations of child abuse by several of the male children he had adopted over the years during his worldwide research trips. He was tried and left the country to continue his work in Europe.
C. Advanced Mind Control Technology -- during the 1970's much of MK Ultra was exposed and stopped. However, some of the work continued on! In 1980 the reported CIA's front for the most advanced mind control technology, Mankind Research Unlimited (MRU) was exposed by a D.C. area magazine. This obscure company was operated as both a for profit and non-profit by Dr. Carl Schleicher.
This organization is credited in several books with inventing the cyborg, the terminator. MRU carried out many avenues of important research mostly relating to mind control psychotronics and other exotic topics. He was a past President of the American Dowsing Association, the US Psychotronics Association and was generally the Johnny Appleseed of many psychotronic related projects worldwide.
He is credited with helping to develop MRI technology using esoteric technology. In addition he was prominent in helping popularize Super-learning and Lazanov accelerated learning system. Both techniques were based on Soviet mind control technology. Several books have discussed the more advanced mind control techniques up through the early 1980's when most were brought under strict secrecy control and/or were supposed to be abandoned.
Microwave versions of mind control were carried out by rogue individuals with links to NSA. Some of these techniques have been used on troublesome inmates in Federal Prisons including one who claims to have been implanted using technology supplied by Dr. Carl Schleicher while held illegally in Brazil for major drug charges. In his later years Dr. Schleicher championed many innovative approach to national problems from AIDS, to Cancer to Drug and Alcohol Abuse using electronic, vibratory and other exotic technologies. Had the US Government and adapted these newer and much more effective approaches the country would be much better off!
He was a real life Dr. Strangelove with only a few chapters of his life publicly known. MRU in its golden years had a number of branches. The Pacific Northwest Laboratory was headed by physicist Richard Alan Miller. He and his former wife, Iona Miller, have helped build on his story. Iona Miller is a top expert on many esoteric topics, including control of cultural through media, and psychedelic research.
D. The Ritalin Generation -- The extensive use of Ritalin and related drugs have caused great damage to the current generation. These drugs also came from the MK Ultra program. Approximately only 25% of the military age population even meets standards for induction in the Armed Forces. Congress has failed to take action. Activists have been intimidated into leaving the country. Another solution that may have offered a convenient way to treat hyperactivity etc. has backfired in a massive way.
E. L Ron Hubbard has become a fashionable method of coping with life throughout the world but especially in Hollywood. Many famous stars are important advocates including Tom Cruise. The origins and implications of Dianetics is discussed in relation to its mind control origins. L. Ron Hubbard was a Naval Intelligence Officer based in Silver Spring, MD.
Similarly Carl Schleicher was a former Naval Intelligence Officer based in the same city a decade later. An interesting coincidence if nothing more!
F. Where mind control technology is headed. is not well known but will soon include Direct Brain Interface. We can only assume the real programs are held very tightly by the US Government. The hideous effect which many of the programs have caused can not be over-emphasized. Reportedly both MIT and The University of Michigan are strongholds for Tavistock influence in the USA.
Reportedly in the 1960's and 1970's many Tavistock associated professionals were sent worldwide. Many carried out anti-American and terrorist associated activities. In my opinion, much of MK Ultra could be called terrorism. Only recently has the Navy released a new policy prohibiting human targeting with EMF weaponry. Several major Federal cases in Michigan for example are associated with abuses of this type. This includes the largest Federal case in Michigan history. The US Govt. has failed to take action and may be under the control of those associated with Tavistock, et al.



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