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Conceptual Overview:

THE SPY WHISPERER: Intelligence, Skullduggery & Future Tech...
"Give me his skull and I can conjure up the soul of a person..."

MACHI-NATIONS: Who is "Getting Over" on the Whole Human Race?
In GOD [Gold Oil Drugs] We Trust, but Can God trust Us?


"Their priesthood was to create new worlds of perception. They were to be world engineers who shaped the totality of human awareness. Their pigments and materials were not to be paint or words but all the resources of the age. Such were the Pharaohs. They made of the world a perception Lab.… The mode of great Art. The environment as ultimate artefact." - Marshall McLuhan to Wilfred Watson, October 4, 1964

To see what is in front of one's nose requires a constant struggle. -- George Orwell





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WAR OF DECEPTION - The Eye in the Triangle is not just a symbol of secret societies and shadow governments. Anyone bothering to educate themselves about how the world really works can open their own Third Eye to the mindbending realities of human society. It is an image many are not willing to accept as a blunt fact of life, but it is what makes the world go 'round, at least for the inhabitants of Spaceship Earth. Is it a race to the Kill, to Techno-Utopia, to Oblivion? Skullduggery may not be a subject you want to pursue but it can be followed to the very heart of The Beast.

DIRECT SOCIAL CONTROL - The future is calling from the center of the world asking why you allowed it to happen. What kind of world do you want to see? The closer your worldview conforms to the reality, the more clarity you have. Time for a Reality Check. The Vortex is a Mask of Power. Are you blinded by your own survival needs? slavishly controlled by your own appetites? distracted by your narcissism, success or The Spectacle? Are you in control of your own thinking and beliefs? THINK AGAIN!

CULTS & CULTURE - By molding worldviews, a culture magician creates the perception, fashions the structure for self-organizing transformation, manipulates and defines the perceived reality. The shaman believes no metanarratives but orchestrates them for others. He is an opportunistic paradigm shifter, chameleon, trickster, environ-mentalist. Both the Great Work and the Great Game are occult -- hidden. The Magus works through contagion. ~io






Intelligence has found the public and the public is onto Intelligence. The online public is inadvertently spilling its secrets daily and the dirty laundry of Intelligence has emerged from classified history as CIA's Greatest Hits.

The public is watching not only the Watchers, but The Watchers of the Watchers, and so forth -- all 16 intelligence agencies. Naturally, the public has no access to classified materials, but some claim 90% of intell is Open Souce. Social media is a two-way Super Iway of information exchange. The public is collecting its own intelligence and Intelligence admits trolling the Iway for Open Source data, often as valuable as secrets. Is there some Truth in there or is it just a dataglut of disinformation?


Uncertainty is the zeitgeist of our day. We are anxious and unsure. We face potentially catastrophic climatic and environmental change, incurable viruses, pandemics, bioterrorism, endless wars, macro-economic meltdown, urban violence, soil and water depletion. Rampant population growth, civil unrest, genetically-engineered food and organisms, and hazardous waste raise profound doubts about Earth's ability to sustain human life.

We're only 6 global degrees of separation from mass extinction. Many species are already going extinct at the rate of 5000 per year. We wonder about our own and our grandchildren's futures, health, and well-being. Mourning the loss of our freedoms, we feel the impact as loss of our cherished dreams for a better future.

Globalist ideology is pushing out national sovereignty. Transnational corporations owe no allegiance to any country. Some call it corporate fascism. When it took root, it was called the military/industrial complex. WARCO, Inc. would like us all to become conformity-spewing "pod people." They've spent billions of lobbying and advertsing dollars aimed toward milking the middle class. Pernicious globalization is affecting our lifestyles, worldview, national identities and hope for humanity and the earth.



Society itself changes in unpredictable ways, including through human frailty or perversity, such as crime and war. Political figures, in particular, have the ability to affect great masses of people with their policies and dictates. But they are often directed from behind the scenes by those hiding in plain sight. This is the clandestine world of the Shadowlands where things are not as they seem.

There's nothing wrong with faith as long as it doesn't facilitate manipulation. Curiously, an unseen, unheard, unreal threat existing somewhere in the shadows can describe both some images of God and the enemy. This notion is not true for all religions. But it can be used to manufacture bogeymen.

Religion believes in a hidden God; New Age thought argues that god is within; while humanism recognizes no god but human potential. All are beliefs about the nature of existence and each is married to a cultural system. The real enemy is The Shadow without and within, on which we project ultimate evil. Mobilizing this Adversary archetype in individuals and groups is a secret of sorcery.

The Invisible Government has become visible, but governments are not countries. There is a conflict of truth vs. power. The Constitution was written to protect citizens from overweaning government but it must be upheld to be effective. The war on terror is a war on the Constitution and Bill of Rights. How we deal with societal disruption and machinations is the silent subtext of our personal stories and humanity in general. Courage is a function of the heart.


We did not necessarily anticipate this transition from the arrogant certainty of the rational enlightenment promise of techno-utopia to disquieting uncertainty and the politics of fear mongering. It strikes equally at the hearts of humanists, activists and the religious or spiritual. We have realized only empty promises of solutions to life's fundamental problems, such as world health, food, and ever-elusive peace.

Despite all our knowledge we have not been able to control or dominate our inner or outer environment successfully. Science understands that all knowledge is models and some models are better than others. Sometimes new paradigms overthrow whole ways of thought, creating revolutions.

Chaos is actually nonlinear order. Pressed on all sides by chaos and disruption, we long to escape the stress of constant crisis. But this is precisely what makes us vulnerable to tyranny through our manipulated desire for peace and order.


Ironically, system governance has bankrupted our future - but that is so because the real system has remained clandestine. That is why the apparent system is not only out of balance, but on the verge of catastrophic failure. The middle class is collapsing, according to the secret agenda. When we think we've found the cure, we've often just taken the poison. Today's child is not educated for intelligence. System education just produces "world-class workers," who go along to get along.

We have not thought far enough in terms of the dynamically interrelated complexities of whole systems. A system by definition is a complex. If you can't protect the integrity of the system, there is no system. We need to become more organic, less mechanical in our approach to global life. Systems deal with various levels or scales which may or may not interact (exchange energy) with one another.


The question is - how do interactive potentials relate to the whole? The specific nature of the interaction gives rise to global constraints when boundaries are pushed. Boundaries depend on who is placing them and how they are placed. To know that is to know the secret history of the world.

Whether we like it or not, the age of democracy is over, replaced by corporate feudalism. The euphemism "wage slave" has become a reality of control from the cradle to the grave. Sure, you have choices, but the choices are all controlled.

Your journey through the propaganda maze begins K-12. Your graduate work is in The Matrix. Beyond that is a whole other level of great game play of which most remain unaware. Attempting to grasp that reality brings ridicule. Dis-couragement is the name of that game, meant to rob you of independent thought.


Relevant interactions often don't take place locally. Our focus should be on more productive relationships. The relationship is emergent and novel. Energy applied at the correct level is more effective than misplaced force. It does little good if our progress is in the wrong direction. Asymmetrically moving toward scale limits distinguishes a system. Systems are closed or open, depending on their quality of interaction.

Mechanical systems are linear; organic systems are nonlocal - recognizing the instaneous connection of all elements. You can build a house, brick by brick, but it reveals nothing about those inhabiting it. Some events have a greater order of magnitude and effect more aspects of the system. Complex systems have complex causality and often change catastrophically when forces build to the tipping point.

Seemingly every move for domestic confidence leads to international disequilibrium. Our problem remains that we all have vastly different definitions of the meaning of wellness in thought and action. We believe we know, but we don't really know for anyone but ourselves, and often not even that. We engage in self-defeating behaviors individually and collectively because we are in a sick system, which is consuming itself.


Knowledge is not wisdom, or even understanding. We need to recognize the power of imagination and our innate spirituality for creating social change. We have, at least, now recognized the problem. By changing our internal image of reality, we can change the world from the inside out. It's a cliche to say 'the journey is the destination,' yet we have to begin that journey to change anything -- to save ourselves from ourselves.

Wholistic visionary thinking -- collective intelligence -- is the bridge to the future. Top-down constraints can be overcome by bottom-up groundswell. The integration of new information leads to the unifying truth of tomorrow.

If we can dream it, we can do it. There is a deeper current in life and it is embodied in Mystery-- the unpredictable, the unknown, and perhaps unknowable. The promise of this Mystery is at the core of the secret history of the world. Does that sound good? If you think that is so, you may have already drunk the koolaid. As in alchemy, the poison is in the cure.


With the end of the Second World War and the beginning of the Cold War, the United States displaced Britain as the global power, asserting its influence in the Middle East in pursuit of oil, containment of the Soviet Union, and access to other resources. This period is sometimes referred to as "The New Great Game" by commentators, and there are references in the military, security and diplomatic communities to "The Great Game" as an analogy or framework for events involving India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and more recently, the post-Soviet republics of Central Asia.

In 1997, Zbigniew Brzezinski published "The Grand Chessboard: American Primacy and Its Geostrategic Imperatives" which advocated a 21st century version of the Great Game. Popular media have referred to the current conflict between international forces and Taliban forces in Afghanistan as a continuance of the Great Game.


The Long War is an Intelligence War. The unhealthy hegemony of intelligence agencies has led to them wielding too much power without adequate oversight by the citizenry they should represent. Intelligence means being able to see the big picture. You can only "spy" on information that is secret or protected.

Arguably, we should be able to gain deeper insight into what intelligence should be by combining both senses of the word that allow us to connect the dots and ferret out what goes on behind the scenes. Many people have learned how to read between the lies.


The popularity of a variety of "truth" documentaries like Zeitgeist, The End of Suburbia, Peak Oil, JFK II, Endgame, Loose Change, Freedom to Fascism, We Become Silent, Money Masters, Beyond Treason, and endless 9/11 exposes show that many people are interested in looking behind the curtain.

New Age cult films such as 2012: The Odyssey, The Secret, Peaceful Warrior and The Courage to Change are probably popular because they promise you are in control of your reality and sound a more heartful note than doomsday documentaries.


We can all participate in collective wisdom -- participatory wisdom -- and more intelligent intelligence. It doesn't belong exclusively to the apostles of the cult of intelligence, and their never-ending constructed crisis of the day. Personally and collectively, Intelligence involves information collection and anaylsis. It helps us determine The Big Picture by synthesizing the forces at play in the world today so we can make prudent decisions about the future of our security.

Intelligence is a type of time-travel or remote viewing, projecting one's consciousness into all possible futures, deciding which are plausible and even probable. It means interventions to prevent disasters. Who's in charge? Intelligence officers don't claim to know; they do know who isn't in charge. There is no ultimate "Puppetmaster," but several international competing forces. Players include both known and hidden state- and non-state actors.


The notion of "creating the future" is tied to keeping systems in balance, but they are not in balance. The old structures are breaking down making way for the new impositions. This process has a few driving forces. Great foundations have their mandates that are executed across many generations, for centuries.

Historically, much of the agenda is predetermined by futurists in social engineering think tanks that use language and propaganda for conditioning us with buzzwords and theories that then penetrate government and academia, spreading from there to the general culture. This includes the vectors of educational and ideological trends and beliefs.

"And it seems to me perfectly in the cards that there will be within the next generation or so a pharmacological method of making people love their servitude, and producing a kind of painless concentration camp for entire societies, so that people will in fact have their liberties taken away from them but will rather enjoy it, because they will be distracted from any desire to rebel by propaganda, brainwashing, or brainwashing enhanced with pharmacological methods." ~Aldous Huxley, 1959

The Problem or The Solution?


People's actions are strongly influenced by their knowledge and beliefs. They can be manipulated by corrupting their knowledge base, warping historical truth, or ignoring it completely and spinning compelling new myths of consensus reality. This is mind control aimed at crowd control and exploitation. Whoever controls the past controls the future. You can see it in predictive writing and TV programming.

The largest influences include Tavistock Institute, RAND, Battelle, Brookings (Progressive Internationalism), SRI (R&D solutions), Project for the New American Century, Harvard JFK School of Government and their military and civilian equivalents (Joint Chiefs of Staff, National Security Council, Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, Bilderbergers, Bohemian Grove, Federal Reserve, IMF, etc.). Many of these groups share members or interface with one another.


In the early 20th century, predictive literature was used as a propaganda tool by social engineers H.G. Wells, Aldous Huxley, George Orwell and others in works such as The New World Order, The Open Conspiracy, Brave New World, Island and The Doors of Perception, 1984, and Animal Farm. The aim of these reforms was total domination via the scientific management of the world.

History is written by the victors and they dictate the future. The parallel tracks of roughly seven forces are running the world: Governments, Military, Law Enforcement, Business, Academia, NGO and Media, and Civil (Class, Religion, Labor). Each has its own worldview and agenda which sets the priorities in its point of view, from plutocrats to clergy to technocrats and bureaucrats.


The latest in a long line of questionable operations is InfraGard, an FBI operation instituted in 1996. In short, the FBI has deputized business vigilantes and collaborators in its war on terror to protect critical infrastructure including agriculture, banking and finance, chemical industry, energy, food, information telecommunication, law enforcemnt, public health, and transport:

InfraGard is an information sharing and analysis effort serving the interests and combining the knowledge base of a wide range of members. At its most basic level, InfraGard is a partnership between the FBI and the private sector. InfraGard is an association of businesses, academic institutions, state and local law enforcement agencies, and other participants dedicated to sharing information and intelligence to prevent hostile acts against the United States.

Technocratic interventionist strategies have done more harm than good. Many have failed so utterly they have become Roadmaps to Nowhere. All project a widening cultural gulf between the transnational elite and common person, via personalized genetics, information control, data mining, surveillance and population control, etc. We have to step beyond the bounds of elite greed and failed ecology to a less narcissistic, more mature citizenship.


Modern psychology is rooted in the occult, with its mind-altering techniques, potions and panaceas. CIA sponsored psychedelics gave rise to the Human Potential movement, “Californian” ideology, mind spas like Esalen, and the so-called Aquarian Conspiracy which has blossomed into New Age thought, a synthetic religion. All have a root in CIA experiments in extraordinary human potential, parapsychology, and creativity.

Mind control is an extrapolation of group dynamics developed at Tavistock from occult roots. Tavistock supported and promoted the theories of many of the most imminent mind doctors of the last century: Freud, Jung, Laing, Bateson, Lewin, and more. As with many alchemical panaceas, the substance is both a cure is a poison – a dream to some, a nightmare to others.

In 1955, Aldous Huxley (Britain’s “Timothy Leary,” who wrote the 1932 dystopian novel Brave New World) had his first LSD trip and published Heaven and Hell afterThe Doors of Perception in 1954 detailing his experiences with mescaline. This started a debate on “Paradise-engineering,” and issues of universal happiness, biotechnology, post-genomic medicine, peak experiences and designer drugs. Hedonism ushered in an era of state-sanctioned sugarcoating of the Four Horsemen of Pain, Disease, Unhappiness, and Death. Consumption of mass produced goods and beliefs created a cult of consumerism that has in effect consumed us. More at


The "usual suspects", well-known intellectual groups produce manifestos for social control. They don't spot trends, they create them. Influential position papers include Agenda 21 (United Nations, 1992), PNAC (Neocon, 1997), Joint Vision 20/20 (DoD full-spectrum military dominance, 2000).

Also, Limits to Growth: The 30-Year Update (Club of Rome, 1972; 2004), The First Global Revolution by The Club of Rome (1991), "Mapping the Global Future: Report of the National Intelligence Council's 2020 Project" (Dec. 2004). Other players include the National Science Foundation (NSA), military future tech agency Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), NSA ("No Such Agency") and others.

In 1999, CIA produced its version of probable futures, "Global Trends 2015." The draft report was discussed in 2000 with nongovernment experts from Harvard, Brookings Institution, Markle Foundation, and Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

In 2003, the Pentagon published Information Operation Roadmap, describing the need to dominate the whole electrogmagnetic spectrum, fight the internet info wars, and use PSYOPS to aggressively modify behavior. PSYOPS are used on domestic and foreign audiences, in non- and semi-permissive environments, on adversaries and non-adversaries, alike.


Trendspotters and technorati include the World Future Society (The Futurist), Wired, and "The IBM Global CEO Study 2006." Commentators and futurists are a lower tier: Noam Chomsky, Stewart Brand, Paul Ehrlich, Ray Kurzweil, Faith Popcorn, John Naisbett, Peter Schwartz. Futuring is a game best understood as pattern recognition. Info tech is doubling in power each year.

Technology, markets, resources and policy interact dynamically. All prediction markets agree that nano-neuro-bio-info products will shape the future. These forces and ideas then filter into manufacturing futures, politics, business, academics, the media, science and military where they take root (or not) in our minds and become part of our cultural mandate. They acquire traction and velocity as people jump on the bandwagon. Despite our zeal for techno-utopianism, the economic keyword for 2008 is "debt." The bill is coming due and the Greenback is sliding.


The war for your mind has moved from the outside to inside the mindbody of each and every one of us. Bombarded with religious views and new age slogans (empowerment, human potential, intentionality, resonance, convergence), we chase spirituality. Religion and extremism are powerful drivers of cultural conflict. Religions were the first institutions to exploit secrecy and engage in a variety of clandestine operations, surveillance, intrigues and mind control.

Propaganda controls the message but the message itself is control. We really have been programmed from the cradle to the grave to worship GOD -- Gold, Oil, & Drugs. What you give your attention to is what you worship. We worship and seek solace outside ourselves when the answer is within in our hearts and spirits.


It's no accident we feel empty and can't get enough. These are the addictions of our culture. We are running on empty, overextended in energy and credit, and militarily. We have traded social safety nets for unsustainable imperialism. We have sheepishly accepted the curtailment of our former freedoms out of fear, or by believing the fear-mongers who create public opinion. Our nation has hostage syndrome.

No diverting fad or trend since the 50s has been an accident, including academic and political trends like American Dream, Aquarian Conspiracy, techno-utopianism, human potential, political-correctness, sustainable development, Neocons, and the current Environmental shift. We are literally programmed to buy into them, culturally, mentally and financially.


The most subtle mind control vectors have their own natural appeal. Viral contagion spreads throughout all strata of society in the form of memes and hypnotic displays of The Spectacle and simulations of reality in myriad forms. We've been sold a bill of goods and the balance is coming due.

Electronic mind control has moved from big screen TV to HAARP's blanket broadcast. Drugs are no longer essential to shadow governments for crowd control but are the quickest source for volumes of ready cash from the black market and a way to repress and imprison the disenfranchised.


In the Age of Intelligence, modern IO is not about the old messages of psychological operations (PSYOPS), but rather about empowering billions of people with both information tools and access to truthful information. It is about education, not manipulation. It is about responsibility for self and others. Spiritual activism means self-education and understanding the underlying issues of political and social problems afflicting people here and around the world.

Waging war by deception is becoming obsolete. Intelligence is about sharing, not secrecy. It is about human understanding to create wealth and stabilize societies, not about the threat of violence and the delivery of precision munitions. IO substitutes information for violence -- more intelligent intelligence.


Reality is up for grabs. The present is revealed only after acquiring the entire past. Then the constituents fall into place in a holistic context. The imaginary future influences its creation, from toxic visions like The Matrix to false techno-utopianism. Computers were supposed to save us work, but we wind up woking more for less. But, the one who dies with the biggest toys is not the winner.

The blind faith of The American Dream has turned to skepticism and apathy. Fear Media beats us down so we think we can't fight The System. The democratic impulse has been suppressed by runaway narcissistic consumerism. We have compassion exhaustion. We are living on borrowed time.


Militarily, the Crusades are back, along with the Cold War - no longer covert. No old grudges have been forgotten or forgiven. Neither Russia nor the US ever stood down from launch readiness. Central Asia has always been the lynchpin of global power from the time of Alexander. The Great Game is what the British Empire called their strategic rivalry and covert war for supremacy in Central Asia with the Russian Empire and later the Soviet Union.

The power struggle of The Great Game set up an ongoing quiet war between Britain and Russia for Afghanistan. And after the Soviet defeat, the US was sucked into the continuing quagmire of events involving Iraq, Iran [Persia], India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and the post-Soviet republics of Central Asia described in Zbigniew Brzezinski's book, The Grand Chessboard: American Primacy and Its Geostrategic Imperatives. This neoconservative strategy has failed utterly as a foreign policy.

Endless resource warfare is here. Energy warfare is about excluding Russia and China from westbound oil and gas pipeline routes out of the Caspian Sea basin and securing Anglo-American control over strategic soutbound and eastbound routes through Pipelanistan. Then, there is the Afghani clandestine heroin trade and its huge profit potential.


Intelligence in The Age of information is a vision of the convergence of computers, media, and telecommunications - hacking and tracking. It means the ultra data-glut of the net-centric war of information. But where do we go from here? Do you live a white-picket fence / big screen TV fantasy in a militarily-defined world with optimistic delusions of victory? What comes after the fetishizing of information technology and looming economic meltdown of the Greenback?

Instead of the greater free time for creativity imagined in the Cold War era, people have come to work harder and for longer hours for less net gain. But, Voltaire said that, "Man is free the instant he wants to be."


US intelligence needs to be revisioned and transformed. Covert Action needs to have tighter oversight and accountability. No nation-state currently polices transnational crime, which is a growing threat. Most intelligence now comes from Open Source, so an increase in HUMINT is the quickest route to improvement.

The shadow of the Shadow Government, including domestic spying and assassinations, needs to be revealed to the American people and the world so we can finally heal. We must take responsibility for that shadow, including national and global discrimination and exploitation.


We have prospered parasitically at the expense of disenfranchised others for too long, and need a common survival strategy, at home and abroad. A truly humane and spiritual approach is what is required to heal the split between Machiavellian conspiracies and our human sense of the sacred.


Sadly, there are serious political agendas to rid the planet of what the shadowlanders flippantly call "useless eaters" - including the poor and the sick. Our food sources are compromised and genetically modified, water is rapidly becoming privatized, and the air is polluted internationally.

Genetics is leading to further horrors of elitism and bioengineered diseases with specific racial targets. We have met the enemy and it is ourselves. The future looks dark. Climate change can be just as big a factor as population growth in the collapse of societies.

Perhaps the light cannot defeat the darkness, but surely we can hold the balance of power against the evil that men do. What we need is more intelligent intelligence. Public intelligence in the public interest is the way we restore the Constitution, save the Republic, and save the Earth and Humanity generations into the future.


But the agenda says humanity, that is the masses, is the enemy. We're now uniting over the threat of global warming, pollution, water shortages and famine. The enemy is us.

In terms of the future, there are two populations which will diverge from one another more and more as time goes on. The elite class will have the opportuntiity to lay the foundation for reprogramming healthy life. Researchers just found a way to lengthen the lifespan of yeast by turning off the aging and cancer genes. In humans it would mean a lifespan of roughly 8000 years. That is just one means of going Transhuman of many options.

The slave class and "useless eaters "are slated for oblivion; they are alreay disenfranchised, alive or dead. The decline of the Middle Class is almost complete now that the economic time bomb is exploding in slow motion.

To put this in context, you must remember that estimates of the long-term carrying capacity of Earth with relatively optimistic assumptions about consumption, technologies, and equity (A x T), are in the vicinity of two billion people. Today's population (6+ billion) cannot be sustained on the 'interest' generated by natural ecosystems, but is consuming its vast supply of natural capital -- especially deep, rich agricultural soils, 'fossil' groundwater, and biodiversity -- accumulated over centuries to eons. In some places soils, which are generated on a time scale of centimeters per century are disappearing at rates of centimeters per year. Some aquifers are being depleted at dozens of times their recharge rates, and we have embarked on the greatest extinction episode in 65 million years. -- Paul Ehrlich (Sept. 25, 1998)

"There are only two ways of preventing a world with 10 billion inhabitants. Either the birth rate drops or the death rate will rise. There is no other way." ~Robert McNamara

Physics has jumped its classical boundaries, making a quantum leap from the domain of matter/energy to the more fundamental scale of the vacuum potential underlying field phenomena. We now consider our fundamental nature not only through biochemistry but through our energy body, living our wave-nature as well as particle-nature. The biophysical role of underlying EM fields can be demonstrated in energy medicine, quantum mechanics and field theory. The energy body is our fundamental nature. Our consciousness has jumped out of our meatbody through technological extension; we've gone global.

The next technologies are those of the infinitely small: nanotech, photonics, smart technology, and cold fusion. Psionics will revolutionize culture with both new means of mind control and self-regulation: Electromagic, Yogatronics. Currently, we access computers manually, but soon we will have direct neural interface which will create a form of synethetic telepathy among those with the hook up. Eventually, our machines will share our organic substance and nature.

DNA is a versatile component for nano devices and and structures. There are non-biological uses for DNA such as computing devices. DNA is an ideal molecule for building nano-structures that hold molecule-sized electronic devices or hosting crystalline molecules. We will move from silicon circuits toward organic biochips. We are already fusing with our technology as it moves into our bodies. We are becoming cyborgs as tech moves into our bodies for support, repair and enhancement.

We will morph from Cyber-culture to PSI-ber Culture, with challenges humanity has never faced. We may not even be "humanity," but trans-human moving toward a post-human hybrid of high tech and tissue as communication and computing technologies amplify. We already have voluntary and synthetic telepathy. The advent of the cellular camera/phone means we are never alone, and always accountable, and surveilled on GPS. Now cellular is beginning to provide mindless entertainment on tiny TV with expanded content. In the global era, there is no more first-person singular. "They" are inside your head and potentially watching and conditioning your every move.

Next-generation technologies that make reading DNA fast, cheap and widely accessible are coming in less than a decade. Quantum wave genetics will soon after manipulate the root of our being with acoustic holography, a form of cymatics creating morphogenetic formative change with light and sound, holographic projection. Rooted in the quantum nature of Cosmos, we are Photonic Humans


Evil has been defined as misapplied force and form. Religions have been used to justify personal and cultural agendas, honoring some beliefs over others. What is the nature of evolving spirituality or meta-spirituality that might resolve this global issue? Conscious Evolution means becoming more fully human, participating in an integrative way with [higher] Self, others and world.

We all participate in the evolution of consciousness, whether our transformations are conscious or unconscious. Conscious Evolution is the ethical, philosophical, intentional governance of human change and cultural engineering. We can each conduct ourselves compassionately with creative intent and spiritual responsibility for the health and unfolding of human progress and survival technology. The post-metaphysical desire is to contribute to the spiritual fulfillment of all people. The needs of the many resonate with the needs of the one. The revelation will not be televised, but it might come to youtube.


Below: This diagram shows Maslow's hierarchy of needs, represented as a pyramid with the more primitive needs at the bottom.